Cryptocurrency in 2021 – Myths, Risks and More

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the studio by Ben McMillan, Founder of RG Alts, LP, who serves as the Portfolio Manager of the RG Aurum+ Fund, and Ben Jacobson, Managing Director of IDX Insights. In this episode, the trio discuss all things cryptocurrency, bitcoin and blockchain. From investing insights to myths and beyond, Bart asks his guests the pressing questions that his listeners have asked to gain clarity on. For those interested in getting involved with cryptocurrency and those who are looking to better understand the current state of crypto, this episode is will reveal all of the essentials!

In this episode learn:

  • What cryptocurrency is including bitcoin and blockchain
  • The guests’ perspective on the sustainability of the growth of bitcoin
  • Details of the “bullish” period for bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Myths – Including whether or not it is taxable
  • What potential risks are of investing in cryptocurrency

When asked what their Ultimate Lesson Learned has been, the duo shared, “You can never underestimate how important the impact of psychology is on investments.”

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