GameStop: What happened and possible legal consequences.

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the studio by Andy and Katie Cherkasky of Golden Law, Inc to discuss the recent GameStop trading fiasco. The dynamic duo are the owners of a prestigious law firm in Orange County, California that focuses on complex federal litigation, including some of the nation's most serious criminal and civil rights cases, and some of the largest lawsuits against the Government for individual injury to citizens. Andy and Katie both began their careers as officers in the United States Air Force where they served as federal prosecutors. In addition to running an international law firm, Andy and Katie are regular legal commentators Fox News, CNBC, and Fox Business, where they weigh in on some of the nation’s most complex legal cases.


In this episode learn:

– What the definition of “short selling” is in terms of the stock market
– An overview of what happened with the recent GameStop trading issue
– Possible legal challenges that were triggered by the uncharacteristic trading situation
– Lessons learned so far and the power of the internet

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