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As a full-service wealth advisory firm, we provide sophisticated advice, services, and investment solutions that are explicitly aligned with your interests and goals. Our holistic and integrated approach includes advanced planning for tax efficiency, wealth transfer, wealth protection, and philanthropy, as well as management and coordination of your entire professional services network.

Wealth Management

Genuine wealth management is more than just investment advice; it takes a holistic view of all aspects of your financial life. We understand you have distinctive needs that include financial and estate planning, investing, and wealth transfer. As your wealth manager, we will help you organize your goals related to retirement, family, travel, investments, cash flow, real estate, estate planning, and charitable giving in one place.

The Zandbergen Group specializes in delivering a full range of financial services using a client-centered approach. You won’t find cookie-cutter solutions here; we only offer customized portfolio strategies to grow & protect your wealth. Our goal for you is true wealth, whatever that means to you. It may be having a purpose and giving freely, leaving a legacy, and making a difference, but always it’s about time well-spent and knowing that you have lived life to the fullest.

True Wealth Planning

Sophisticated financial planning starts with understanding your interests and goals, and explicitly aligning your investment solutions to achieve those goals. At The Zandbergen Group, we look at your finances from a holistic point of view so that we can provide insight into how one financial decision could affect another. We feel that using this comprehensive approach is crucial to your financial well-being.

As comprehensive financial planners, our areas of expertise include pensions (including annuities, income drawdown, and phased retirement), cash management, tax planning, insurance protection, investment strategies, and long-term care.
Estate & Legacy Financial Planning

Estate/Legacy Planning

Estate planning for high-net-worth families is a very personal and complex topic for many; it’s never easy to think about your own mortality. Yet estate and legacy planning is a critical part of the wealth management process.


Fortunately, there are many tools available for high net worth families to use when creating strategies for passing down wealth, such as sophisticated trusts, charitable giving strategies that minimize taxes, and insurance products that can help preserve your legacy for future generations.


The Zandbergen Group can work with you to transition management and ownership of family businesses, communicate philanthropic goals, and pass down family values to generations to come.

Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce can be an incredibly overwhelming time in your life. On top of that, it’s challenging to make complex decisions that will affect you for the rest of your life during a period of high stress and uncertainty. That’s why it’s vital that you have trusted financial advisor on your divorce team.


As a CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™), Bart A. Zandbergen can help you preserve your wealth and achieve an equitable settlement if you are going through a divorce.

Using a CDFA® can increase your chances of achieving a divorce settlement that meets your long-term financial needs of your family. We will also ensure that you have the knowledge and support to make the best decisions regarding the division of assets.

Insurance Planning

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth, which is why proper insurance planning is critical to protect it; insurance planning is an essential component of a comprehensive financial plan and your financial success.


Evaluating risks and determining the proper insurance coverage to mitigate those risks is fundamental to protecting your loved ones, your home, and your business. At The Zandbergen Group, we can help you by identifying and analyzing your risk factors and making knowledgeable and unbiased recommendations on insurance coverage as part of your overall financial strategy.

Retirement Planning

Planning for your future is about more than just money. That’s why we believe in creating your retirement roadmap by setting financial goals that align with what you truly value, including your preferred timeline and the lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family. We’ll walk you through that process, then build a plan that prioritizes your goals and uses time-honored principles to help achieve those goals.


Your retirement plan should also consider your needs and lifestyle, and leave you feeling empowered to make choices for living your best life as defined by you. When planned using these principles, you’ll naturally find fulfillment along the way, as well as financial peace.

Family Office - Wealth Advisors - Orange County, CA

Family Offices

There is an unprecedented amount of change taking place in the market and our world today. So, it is more important than ever to have the framework in place to stay connected to your strategy, protect your assets, and be nimble in decision making.

At The Zandbergen Group, we offer a wide range of family office services to streamline the lines of family office clients.

Our in-depth knowledge of the increasing complexity of managing, protecting, and growing family wealth positions us to address the many needs of your multi-generational family:

  • Protecting your family wealth through diversification and management of investment risk
  • Providing support to family members by managing financial and lifestyle requirements
  • Guiding and stewarding family wealth and philanthropic initiatives
  • Administering charitable trusts
  • Navigating generational wealth transitions within the family
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