Retirement Income Planning – What You Need to Know in 2021

Host Bart Zandbergen was joined in the studio Scott Heinila and Nick Bernatowicz of Producers Choice Network. The duo are strategic partners of The Zandbergen Group. During this episode, Bart and his esteemed guests discuss retirement income and why it is essential. Studies show that people spend more time each year planning a one week vacation than they do planning their retirement. This episode poses good food for thought that may have listeners choosing to flip the script and start investing in proper planning

In this episode learn:

  • Why financial independence requires having a plan
  • What to consider during your wealth accumulation phase to prepare for its future usage
  • What various forms of retirement income are
  • Annuities – what they are and what their benefits may be
  • Risks that retirees are experiencing today

When asked what his Ultimate Lesson Learned had been during his career, Scott shared, “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you when it comes to your finances.”

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